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Document Management Services

Are You Ready for the Paperless Office?

Electronic Document Management
Electronic document management systems are centralized data management systems designed to store, index and secure your documents in an easily accessible, electronic format. Laserfax can make recommendations for an integrated document management system tailored to the needs of your office that provides reliable and secure access for your employees.

Document management solutions allow your office to begin eliminating the need for paper-based file storage, and allow you to begin reclaiming office space to increase productivity and efficiency.

Document Management Systems have many benefits that:

  • Eliminate paper-based filing systems
  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate document routing and notifications
  • Increase document security and compliance
  • Easily share and collaborate on documents within your organization

There are many areas in which electronic document management solutions can increase efficiency of your business processes. Employees are now be able to search and access files with a few clicks of the mouse. Document management solutions also add security to your documents, granting access only to those who are meant to see them.

Building the Bridge Between People, Paper & Processes

All documents are securely deposited in Archives you designate. You dictate permissions guaranteeing compliance and ensuring that documents are available 24/7. With SmartSearch you determine who in your organization will have access to your files and what can be done with them.

Reduce paper consumption by storing all of your documents in a centralized content repository. SmartSearch’s broad adaptability allows you store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, Outlook files and many more.

SmartSearch drives efficiency by streamlining repetitive business processes including document routing, notification and approval. Time spent searching for documents is drastically minimized resulting in increased productivity and reduced spending.

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I’m quite happy with the longevity of the toners, and that means my boss will be happy! It is obvious that Laserfax cares about their clients and I feel like a priority! I love that! They helped make this switch to Laserfax pain-free.

~ Lori December 8, 2019

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