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Managed Print Services

  1. Print Monitoring Software
    We monitor your printer fleet with a DC5 Data Collection Service that enables us to respond proactively to restock supplies or provide service. View the real-time status of your entire printer fleet, through an intuitive web-based management console. Rich usage reporting provides useful information to make effective management decisions to optimize and update the fleet on an ongoing basis.
  2. Core Supplies-Toner
    We stock a wide range of OEM and compatible cartridges for major printer brands like HP, Xerox, Lexmark and IBM. Even if you have multiple brands of printers in yourfleet, you can look to PrintSmart as your single source for printer supplies.
  3. Printer Service & Parts
    When a device is down, we are able to handle the problem through our help desk. If onsite support is needed, we respond within 8 hours through a national network of over 350 authorized printer service agents…and growing. Your printers stay online keeping your office productive.
  4. Inventory Management
    PrintSmart software monitors the supply levels in each of your devices and automatically ships out a cartridge to a printer when it is running low. Our ATRS Auto Toner Replenishment System ensures that your printers do not run out of supplies and reduces the cost of having a large inventory of cartridges in your facilities.
  5. Ongoing Print Management Consulting
    Realize the benefits of continuous improvement. The PrintSmart program can provide regular reviews of your usage. Leveraging data from the continuous monitoring system, we work with you to identify usage trends, problem areas and potential cost savings. You benefit from continuous improvement to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  6. Trusted Sales Support-Single Point of Contact
    Although there are many support people behind the scenes facilitating the PrintSmart program, you can be assured that one single point of contact will manage and oversee your unique print management needs. Each PrintSmart program is custom designed to address each end-user environment.

I’m quite happy with the longevity of the toners, and that means my boss will be happy! It is obvious that Laserfax cares about their clients and I feel like a priority! I love that! They helped make this switch to Laserfax pain-free.

~ Lori December 8, 2019

I have been using Laserfax for over 10 years now and they have always provided me with great customer service and prices for ink and toner. Thanks Laserfax!

~ Bobby December 8, 2019

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